Our Vision

Connor & Co.

Pulling inspiration from passion, we will create the wedding, event, or design of your dreams. Building from a background of project management, interior decorating, and event planning in the Memphis, TN area, I want to harness the love you have and mold it into an occasion that expresses your unique personality.
Working in as a project manager and coordinating events for 7 years has given me an eye for aesthetics and a heart to see others succeed in carrying out their dream wedding, photo shoot, or design. Let’s talk about your vision I will be with you through every step of the way to obtain it.
The joyous smile on the brides face as the groom wipes a tear from his eye makes the day worth it to know they were able to focus on each other and what the day really means instead of worrying about the details. I have been through the anxiety and struggles  every bride faces and am here to help you overcome it with grace, and help you remember the beautiful day as the best day of your life.